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One&Only Realty is an international holding.
«We help our clients to overcome daily challenges and grow capital by intelligent investments in the US markets».

Upon request, we can get things done anywhere in the world — whether you require assistance to acquire a business that you have in mind, or to acquire a building in a right place or to enroll your child into the Ivy League university.

The company’s headquarters are in New York. It makes it possible for us to be more knowledgeable about the American market than any other company that works with clients from other countries. We know all subtleties and pitfalls.



Real estate purchase & sale
We will find a suitable apartment anywhere in the USA. We will find an object for your purpose: for business, life or investments.
Concierge service
We will make your dream come true. We will embody any daring intention: we can organize a round-the-world trip, find a rare painting and talk sense into a world star to record a track with you.
Immigration support
We will help you reach the American dream: we will obtain a residence permit, settle legal issues and find a cozy apartment.
Assistance in setting up a business in the USA
We will handle all organizational and technical issues as well as provide legal support and financial consulting.
Financial consulting
Together with you, we will select the best option for placement of funds. We will consider risks, forecast profitability and develop an investment strategy.
Legal consulting
In the United States, a transaction is not carried out between a buyer and a seller, but rather between the lawyers of both parties. Our legal department will always be there to back up your interests.
Premium concierge service
Every One&Only Realty client shall have access to the unique service that shall make your most desired dreams come true.
It is not a common service that settles everyday challenges, but rather a team of people that fulfil any wish. Imagine what you could do if there were no obstacles whatsoever. There it is! We can turn into reality!
Top management

Top management

Regional partner (USA)
President (USA)
Lead attorney (USA)
General manager (Russia)

We improve quality of life

Notebooks of our clients have no free time. In order to free up some of their time we shall take care of all organizational and everyday tasks.
You avoid the humdrum routine and still derive benefits from it.

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St. Petersburg
New York
St. Petersburg
Nevsky avenue, 114-116, "Nevsky Center" 9th floor
phone: +7 812 207 12 02
phone: +44 7781 510097
New York
18 East 48th st, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10017
phone: 1 212 505 0200
fax: 1 212 406 0796
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